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Karl Felix Wolff

Unterrichtsmaterialien: The Dolomites and their legends


This compilation by Karl Felix Wolff (1879–1966), probably the most prominent regional writer-explorer of legends, contains well-known tales like "King Laurin and the Alp-Glow" and "The Kingdom of the Fanes" in addition to lesser known stories such as "The Nightingale of the Sasslong", "Iron Hand" and "Merisana's Wedding". This book is a unique collection of legends that will shed a new and mystic light on your perspective of the Dolomites.


Gisela Mayr hat für dieses Buch Unterrichtsmaterialien für das erste Biennium der Oberschule zusammengestellt. Die Edition Raetia stellt sie Ihnen als Gratis-Download zur Verfügung:


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Unterrichtsmaterialien: The Dolomites and their legends
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